October 8, 2013

Open Mike Eagle, the shapeshifter, weightlifter, and drink ticket shoplifter instructs the youth on very important topics: keep your Internet password a secret. There are spammers and congressman (when they deign to be in session) and all of them want to know what numbers you dial and who you be with.

Open Mike Eagle is the mole at the bottom of your soda can. He’s lurking at the bottom of a box of Cracker Jack, spying on your sensibilities to sell them to marketers. But he’s just doing this to show you the negative affects that could occur if we don’t stay vigilant. The modern world is filled with horror, whether aired on FX or in 8-Bit. If you have ever been hacked this one is for you, whether by a loved one or by the totally loathsome. There is a very thin line between love and lingering until you slip up. Mike also has a new song on the new Hot Sugar EP, where he starts five free festivals for people brave enough to show their IQ results. It’s very different from “Password.” That’s a little thing called versatility.

The Sir Rockabye EP is still out and available if you still know your Paypal password.

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