Unless you’re a teenaged rap fan in the murder capital of the Midwest, it’s difficult to keep track of who exactly is in The Treated Crew. In fact, it’s difficult to keep all of Chicago’s crews apart, if you don’t have an affinity for deep dish pizza. The Treated Crew was masterminded by Kanye’s DJ, Million Dollar Mano, but seems to have expanded into a variety of different toppings. This was “All Black,” with it’s chopped and screwed Lil Kim sample, goth aesthetic, and raps fit to incite Linda Blair-style neck swiveling. Then there is Showyousuck, who proves that there is substantial dough to the aforementioned pizza motif. Other members include Gzus Piece and Nez and Rio, who have supplied the smoke for some of Schoolboy Q’s more narcotic soundtracks.

Then there is Max Wonders, who appears to be a more recent affiliate from the limited information that I can find from the dark web. He dropped his video for “Doom” three months ago, but I only discovered it now. There are boom-bap references and a title in honor of the Metal-Faced Villain. From Odd Future to Captain Murphy to Pro Era, to whomever you want, Daniel Dumile is probably one of the top five most influential rappers of the last decade. The Based God influence is evident too, complete with a cooking dance shout out. There is a whole constellation of kids trying to rap like they’re trying to get a deal on Fondle Em, but Wonders is one of the better ones I’ve come across in a minute. This generation sees nothing wrong with combining Lil B and Soulja Boy with Kendrick Lamar and Doom to create something new. The less orthodoxy involved, the better this will probably turn out. More Max material below the jump. No Tony Wonder references that I have found, but I will keep trawling.

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