albert-hammond-coverAlex Koenig needs no hair of the dog.

It has been a strange and sad year for the Strokes. The band released their fifth album Comedown Machine, a record with many inspired moments, but not enough to distract fans from the quintet’s motive: to fulfill a contractual obligation with RCA. Frontman Julian Casablancas lost his father, modeling visionary John Casablancas, to cancer. Albert Hammond Jr. detailed his recovery from a drug habit that was so crippling you’d think he was a character in Trainspotting.

Fans of The Strokes will be the first to gravitate to AHJ, but anyone looking for light and accessible indie rock will find plenty to enjoy here. Julian may be going through a rough time, but will need to look no further than his friend’s new EP for wide-eyed optimism. Upon hearing AHJ, fans who were going to get off at New York band’s next stop should feel salvaged: the sun emerges through the subway exit.

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