Brad Beatson works in a Versace cubicle.

I’ve been chair dancing to this single for two straight hours at my cubicle. Maybe I’m the anomaly, but I think we’ve reached the vanishing where our collective ears would agree that music like this isn’t solely reserved for festival goers raging at sunrise.

Here lies a remix by Grandtheft and Etc!Etc! of a Tinie Tempah and 2Chainz song originally produced by Diplo. They know how to make a catchy remix that never grows stale or Skrillexy, and add just a sliver of “New Slaves” for good measure. Sure, there’s a Tinie Tempah verse in which he claims to have a mistress and a mansion, but we’re also treated to two of the best entertainers in rap. And they don’t disappoint.

RiFF RAFF floats down from his versace homebase to beam Yo mamma jokes from his iPhone 15S. 2Chainz saves his humor and instead flows a string of punctuated bars concerned with the spoils of doing 100 features in a calendar year. Push play after the jump and run it back until you crave amphetamines.

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