Posting this cut-and-past South Central Cartel video (with Eiht, 2Pac, Ice-T, and Spice 1) to wash the bleach out your eyes incurred by watching Miley mock the world in that Pac and B.I.G. dress. On one hand, I respect her desire to forever blur the lines between stunting, flexing, and trolling. On the other hand, I don’t care. All I wish for is that 2Pac was still alive, 43-years old, and creepily seducing Miley just like Axl did to Lana Del Rey. Is it too much to ask for the results of that tryst screaming at me from tabloid covers when I go to the market.

Below the jump, here are other links of songs and videos that I very much enjoy and meant to post, but did not because I am just one man with a homicidal cat named after a dead writer. Holler if you hear me.

New Future. He is still an astronaut and he is the new Roc-A-Fella and he is giving bitches to his brother. Who are you to tell him otherwise? Future is sad robot Bjork. The man is made of music.

Let me level with you: there are few things more grotesque than posting a Kid Ink and Chris Brown video, but I am firmly committed to Mustard’s plan to remake the beat for Robin S’s “Show Me Love” in as many permutations as possible. This is pretty much the same beat as “Paranoid,” which means that it’s the “Wild Thing” to Ty$’s “Funky Cold Medina.” Or maybe it’s the other way around?

Listening to Migos for 15 minutes at a stretch can lower your IQ by 15 points. But I would make the case that this is essential to grappling with the Idiocracy of the modern world. You know they are versatile because they tell you so. Young Rich Niggas is probably in my year-end top 20 and I would like to extend the apology to everyone who is profoundly offended by that statement. My evidence to the contrary can be contained on this Best of Migos mix compiled by DJ East Oakland Roy.

Gunplay, Meek Mill and Jadakiss rhyming over a sample from Club Nouveau’s “Why You Treat Me So Bad?.” It’s not what I asked for, but I will gladly accept it. More new Don Logan can be found here and here.

Question I received from a reader about this new Spark Master Tape song: “Are you going to follow up on this guy or has he had his time? I’m a bit confused by his latest… I guess he’s basically saying he’s a white guy named Charlie?” I think this is what he’s saying. But who cares when he can rap and is doing creative things within a style that should have already exhausted its room for creativity.

Even if he may have ripped off Dangeruss, I am reasonably certain that “my stove deserve a shout out, I’m like what up stove’ is one of the best sentences I have read in 2013, especially when 2 Chainz delivers it over the “Rubber Band Man” organs.

Obey City > Shepherd Fairey.

Just you know, 100s saying some really sweet things to a nice girl just the way Dru Down taught him to.

This is taken from Jitwam’s debut of “original slow-motion funk, dusty soul, and cassette-spun R&B from Australia by way of Manipur.” It’s coming out Matthewdavid’s forever-dependable Leaving Records and I am enamored.

Not to be confused with the Moops.

“Talk greasy like a spring roll.” This man is a national treasure.

Pretty sure is YG and Jeezy covering the “Very Merry Unbirthday” song from Alice in Wonderland.

Don’t front. Good advice. Who are you fooling, Marshall? This is what you really wanted to make. There is no conceivable way that he loves those schlock rock hooks or scones and latte “chaunteuse” hooks on whatever your new album is called. I have purposely blocked it from my memory and I reviewed it. He knows that no one but the Okayplayer message board will buy an album of him rhyming over old Boot Camp Clicks. But the people who loved the Slim Shady EP will love it — at least make a mixtape of this stuff. There is only so much time you can spend shopping for new Nike hoodies.

Ratchet rap squats and Winnie the Pooh references. When you click on this, it recommends the videos for “Top Twerk Songs of 2013,” “Booty Me Down,” and “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun.”

Ethereal is an Atlanta rapper-producer on Yelawolf’s label that has been quietly making bizarre, hazy, weird and frequently beautiful music that transcends the cliches attached to every one of those very played-out adjectives.

You can take the rapper out of Detroit, but you can not take the Detroit out of the rapper. Weirdo backpack combined with trap music. Related: this other track w/ Denmark and Quelle.

Watch the video. Read Mike Powell’s review of The Range album. Acquire album at all cost.

The new BeEFF single “Zombie” > Eminem rapping over the Zombies.

I’m not going to argue with the first YouTube commenter: “Thug be snapping.” Or the second one: “thug this hard.” Or the third one: “Money Stand Like 8 Feet Just Like 2 Midgets”

I recently wrote about Donny Oh, the hype beast headbussa. If you are disgusted by the trap-slanted posts above, this will be a refreshing glass of poison to contrast.

This Duppy Gun track produced by Peaking Lights deserves it’s own post, but it leaked two weeks ago, so roll some weed up and smoke to this instead of rap music for once in your life.

Still trying to get Grizzly Bear to play my Bar-Mitzvah, but in the interim…

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