1464676_10152424475349852_33730584_nSon Raw has to wear gloves from now through April

Wiley continues his streak as Grime’s most interesting man. Combine Nas’ love for the genre he elevated, Pharell’s production at its most alien, Lil Wayne’s propensity for releasing way too much music and the kind of contrarian streak that has a man dissing Glastonbury while at Glastonbury and you’ve only partially captured his essence. This is a man worthy of his own statue. All of which makes Mr. Mitch the perfect foil for his fast paced bars: if Wiley can’t figure out if he wants to be an underground hero or a pop star, Mitch’s self-assuredly subterranean production plays solely to his strengths. Yes this is a throwback, but it’s a throwback to an era 95% of us missed because we were told to stick to “real Hip-Hop.” Don’t make the same mistake twice.


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