When in doubt, take it back to the disco-rap. “Thank You” is barely past the evolutionary production stage of “Good Times,” but the wheel hasn’t been improved much over the last few millennium’s either. You know what has improved over the last few centuries though? Work-out plans. Maybe Kanye, he of the nouveau work out plan let Bussa Bus and Kamal borrow his personal trainer. Either way, we can now blame long stretches of absences from veteran rappers on their time spent in the gym. To be fair, that shit can take a lot of time. It’s a half hour to get to the gym and a half hour back and sometimes you wanna’ do a sauna or a steam and the next thing you know, your day is ruined and there’s no time for rapping. Slick Rick must be Shaq diesel by now.

Either way, if Busta and Tip don’t package a fitness plan with their latest album, they’re slipping. It’s 2013, there are ample ancillary extra-musical revenue streams to be pursued. This song is the jam of all jams, but you already knew that because you are reading this on the Internet, where you can be accused of writing a think-piece if your posts go beyond two-line sentences that say little more than “THIS SHIT IS HOT” or “LOL. THEY ARE FOOLS FOR THIS.” Sometimes brevity can be soulless. Thankfully, there is Busta Rhymes.

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