avatars-000061960371-kyosz1-t500x500Within the first minute of the Invictus EP, Cory Jreamz writes a revisionist history where he’s the black man killing Nazi’s in Casablanca and calls himself the coal in the center of the sun. There is also a Sylvia Plath reference. This is stress-rap for film school kids. There are hi-hats and industrial buzzing and bomb noises, march of the automatons organs and cries to fuck your advice. That’s good advice. The album is ostensibly named after a Morgan Freeman vehicle, but I assume that Cory was seeking to title it after the English translation of Invictus — undefeated or unconquered. And in his brief career, he’s racked up a flawless record that Khaled might envy.

If you missed my interview with Jreamz, you can peruse it here. Otherwise, the EP and several videos with music in them are below the jump. Highly recommended if you like Ariel, the Nick Adams Stories, David Lynch, and rap to turn your aortas into icicles.


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