Mailbag: Future & The Infinite Sadness

To have your letter considered, send your questions, comments, and favorite Charles Hamilton lyrics to [email protected] Hey can you guys make an official Future mixtape? I can’t follow that...
By    December 9, 2013

Future_SadnessTo have your letter considered, send your questions, comments, and favorite Charles Hamilton lyrics to [email protected]

Hey can you guys make an official Future mixtape? I can’t follow that fool. He releases crappy album but insanely sick songs on his & other’s mixtapes and I just need a list of his cuts! THX

-Chris T.

Wow, did you come to the right place Chris. Our staff is about as diverse as a group of rap nerds can be, but one current artist we (almost) all come together in agreement on is Nayvadius. I assume the crappy album you’re referring to is the very brilliant Pluto, (an album that continues to get better and more significant with age) which almost forced me to discard this letter, but your request for the mixtape was just too tantalizing for an obsessive fan such as myself.

While I don’t need to denigrate his album work to do so, I too find Future’s one offs and cameos fascinating. Pluto’s specific tone is so unique and distinct,  that it is a self contained universe. Guys like Drake or T.I. can show up on remixes of the singles, but they do so on Future’s terms, sliding meekly into the pocket and often straight up borrowing his cadence.

When Future shows up on a Gucci mixtape or a 2 Chainz hook, it’s a decidedly different experience. He’s kind of like Polanski’s brutal, existential thug in Chinatown, this rampaging oddball who seemingly drops in from another film, causes havoc and exits just as suddenly. Today, Future has cut out a niche unlike any other in music, he sounds just as comfortable digitally crooning with Kelly Rowland or Miley Cyrus as he does growling at French Montana or Waka Flocka. And while his influences seem to be a fairly straightforward blend of Drake, T-Pain and Gucci, he evokes something entirely separate of these three, leaves an impression much more complex, and much older, than rap itself, even.

Take “Chosen One”, the mixtape’s final proper song and one of my favorites of 2013. It has the makings of a boilerplate, materialist, started from the bottom narrative, and on paper, that’s largely what it is. But Future’s gift for melody, and the melancholy he infuses the proceedings with, changes the meaning of the song entirely. He makes a Rolls Royce sound like a grotesque pile of beautiful dress shirts, stacked on a king sized bed in West Egg.

The ascendance of Future, in his own musical maturation and in the way his batshit style has informed much of the Pop landscape, was probably my favorite thing about music this year. So in honor of your request Chris, what better way to celebrate this development then a twenty nine song, one hour and forty seven minute mixtape chronicling the best of Future’s mixtape and cameo work.

Myself and the staff here at Passion, with a special shout to Brad for the cover art, tried to keep the offerings diverse. There are a few big singles, some vicious mixtape features and some solo emo ballads. But of course, it all revolves around one man, and his auto tune filter. (Tracklist at the bottom of this post)

DOWNLOAD: Future & The Infinite Sadness 

Future & The Infinite Sadness Tracklist:

1. Big Rube Intro
2. Stuey Rock- Them Bands (ft. Future)
3. Gucci- Fawk the World (ft. Future)
4. Future- DNA
5. Rocko- U.O.E.N.O. (ft. Rick Ross & Future)
6. Future- Fo Real (ft. Drake)
7. Future- Birds Take A Bath (ft. Young Jeezy & Young Scooter)
8. Game- I Remember (ft. Young Jeezy & Future)
9. Trinidad James- Catch A Cold (ft. Future & Yo Gotti)
10. Future- Rich Friday (ft. Nicki Minaj, French Montana & Juelz Santana)
11. Future- Space Cadets
12. Gucci- Brick Fair (ft. Future)
13. Future- Double Cup & Molly
14. Future- Whip Game (ft. Mexico Rann & Casino)
15. French Montana- Yayo (ft. Future & Chinx Drugz)
16. Future- Bitches & Bottles (ft. T.I. & Lil Wayne)
17. Gucci- Confused (ft. Future)
18. Future- Fishscale
19. Rick Ross- Ring Ring (ft. Future)
20. Young Money- Tapout (Remix) (ft. Future)
21. Future- Everything Ours (ft. Young Scooter)
22. Future- Honest
23. Fredo Santana- Broke (ft. SD, Chief Keef & Future)
24. DJ Drama- We In This Bitch 1.5 (ft. Drake & Future)
25. Future- Unconditional Love
26. Rocko- Squares Out Your Circle (ft. Future)
27. 2 Chainz- Mind Blown (ft. Future & Waka Flocka)
28. Future- Chosen One
29. The Future Is Now

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