3ca793a979920808d349506801bf9b77Jonwayne with the Jesus hair and the debo bike, still coming up with the scorched path of destruction like Bowser. That was the name of his first beat record, but doubled as an alliance with the enemy. If I were a rapper, I would want neither this dude or a fire breathing lizard on my bad side. The background is evident: cutting the balls off bullies since the second grade. And Macklemore since the 13th.

Produced by Scoop Deville, “The Come Up Parts 1 & 2” were highlights of last year’s saltine-cracking Rap Album One. Scoop, the digital diamond hustler, delivers the second verse, full of probably true boasts about pulling up to elementary in limo’s. So it goes when your dad wrote “La Raza.” This is Jon’s first video ever and he could give zero fucks about frills, rocking the same shorts and Birkenstocks that he’s been sporting since high school. There is no such thing as real hip hop, but there is such a thing as being real and rapping well. The Wayniac does both and if you disagree, it doesn’t matter. The good ones make music like they’re determined to get out alive, at all costs.

Video below the handlebars. Directed by Henry Demaio.

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