411837Sometimes you step away to get a pack of cigarettes and you don’t end up writing any blog posts for three days. So it goes when by “cigarettes” you really mean “DMT and skittles,” and by that, you really mean, I had a ton of deadlines and have been listening to nothing but Dizzy Gillespie’s Money Jungle. #Listentomorejazz.

There are no jazz songs among the links below because I am a Hebrew Pharisee. Reconcile that with your stereotypes. Also, I am aware that this site is running like it’s been drinking lean for the last 40 nights. We’re amidst a re-design and there are problems inherent. It may be slow for a while, but be patient because when it’s finished, Passion of the Weiss will be able to cure rickets with gallery slide shows.

I was actually in the room when “Robes” was recorded. Gibbs drank almost a fifth of Hennessy and with a pint of lean and about five blunts. He’s basically the rap game, Keith Richards at this point. Nor does he lie either. This was one take, the verse written in a half hour, and when he went into the makeshift plywood booth to lace his verse, Earl and Domo’s jaws fell to the floor and Earl started jumping up and down like Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch. This is a long way of saying that I’m biased because I watched it’s construction, but I love this song and MadGibbs. File under: least surprising revelations of 2014.

It’s been said already, but Nicki gets awarded no points for cutting and pasting Thugga’s flow. That’s boring and easy, and an artist as ostensibly creative as she is should be able to conceive something better for us “looking ass [human beings.]” This song is still harder than Newark and Thug has been dope (if not inconsistent) for the last two years. If you’re a blog who only started writing about him when Drake did the Macarena in the club to his music, there’s a prize waiting for you at the bottom of this glass of cyanide.

We’ll do a full review of Isaiah Rashad’s Cilvia, but it is the best rap album to come out since the last great rap album to come out. As Midnight Oil once said: his time is now. You can buy Cilvia here.

Donny Oh is posted up somewhere in Western Africa and I have no clue why. Apparently, it’s the new wave for impressive teenage rappers to be shipped off to exotic educational destinations. Fair enough. This is his latest song and like his first song that I heard, he gives no fucks, raps very well, and will threaten every one of your family members. He probably just won’t be able to reach them for a while.

I was on Combat Jack. Contrary to the rumors, I wasn’t coked up. But I was on Ibogaine and turkey jerky.

This is Metropolis Known. Kool Keith produced this song because he’s mentoring the young lion. If you like Dr. Octagon and Dr. Dooom and Black Elvis and wanted to see what happened if he entered the body of the cowardly lion and instilled him with courage, this is it. He is a beast and the white boys love his disco breaks.

Quelle Chris for President.

This new Meg Myers song is a tougher slab than anything the Breeders have put out since the “Cannonball” era. If you wish you were watching Kim Deal at Lollapalooza ’94 (it was a moment), then this is the next best alternative.

The Small Professor lets loose a psychedelic raft of instrumentals for you to float on.

Alexander Spit got at me on Twitter when I said that Schoolboy Q’s “Break the Bank” was the best song of the year thus far. The conversation was friendly, but he disputed my claim. I’m pretty sure the reason why was because he know that he had this song with DaVinci in the chamber. This is a pool hustling arsonist’s anthem.

The “My Nigga” remix with Wayne, Nicki, and Meek Mill. I don’t think I need to anything here.

New spaceship-meltting heat from LA beat baron, MNDSGN, includes a remix from Zeroh, who I profiled earlier this month.

Dally Auston showing and proving that he’s still on the shortlist of Chicago rappers to watch with his first leak from his Westside EP.

The new Jerome LOL song has already circumnavigated the Internet six times and back, but it’s due for one more rotation because I say so.

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