walrus-with-oystersRicky Rozay finally coming to grips with the fact that he is the rap game Walrus from Alice in Wonderland. Who wants to pay me to go on an oyster binge with Rick Ross? There’s got to be some editor out there willing to do so. Thankfully, Ricky avoids invoking the aphrodisiac powers of oysters. Quite frankly, that would be disgusting. Ross is pretty much mining the same thin oyster bed as he’s been doing for a while now. But I prefer Rick Ross as epicurean mollusk connoisseur to Rick Ross as fake Mafia boss rhyming over the same numbing trap beat.

This is smooth and Rick Ross has that Barry White husk to his voice and this works, even if the best part about the song is that it’s called “Oyster Perpetual.” I assume Ross has someone naming his songs for him, the way Crayola has people whose only job is to name colors of crayons.

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