Max Bell needs help dyeing his Wallabees. 

We’re not going to see a new Wu-Tang album any time soon. I’d listen if it dropped, but it’s probably best left in the vault. Their legacy has long been cemented, and their catalogue is worth its weight in dyed Wallabees. Besides, if it turned out like Wu-Massacre I might need serious voltage to electroshock me back into coherence.

But, as a wise abbot once said, old Wu-Tang is better than no Wu-Tang. Shout out to the folks over at The Sugar Factory — pause — for unearthing the unreleased video for “Y’all Been Warned.” It’s not my favorite song on Iron Flag, but it’s far from the worst. True Master’s (responsible for Ghostface’s “Fish”) beat knocks and every member comes correct.

However, as soon as you hit play, it’s easy to see why this never hit MTV or BET. The background and the lighting feel too soft for the Wu. Conceptually, it’s a far cry from “Da Mystery of Chessboxin‘”. That said, I wouldn’t mind RZA donning the modern pimp garb in a Tarantino flick.

Aesthetic merit notwithstanding, this is a piece of Wu history. They are forever, and that will forever be the reason to give them their due. Watch the video and enjoy the simple fact that it exists on this thing we call the Internet.

Below is the video for my favorite Iron Flag cut, “Uzi (Pinky Ring)”. Lick a blunt and shout, “It’s on,” at your significant other or your cat. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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