Despite the world’s most boring introduction thanks to me not having coffee prior to the show (as Remedy said: Never Again), there is a new Shots Fired. Our quests were House Shoes and Quelle Chris, who are pretty much the best podcast guests in the domain of podcastdom. Naturally, the show quickly got bizarre. Pro wrestling, Mexican strip clubs, pop music, Detroit techno, selling out, DJ Khaled, and rap music, all came under the scope.

In addition, Nocando called from the road to give an update on the Hellfyre Club tour and I voiced my displeasure with the new Socialist NBA Slam Dunk format. If you care about our minds, bodies, or love of Soul Train, you will watch the video above, courtesy of Mike Campbell and Brock Jones. Should you feel so inclined, subscribe to our YouTube page. I’m also posting music from Shoes and Quelle below the jump, because you should stop eating foods that have been microwaved.

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