ep25coverFor the last two episodes, the bass system bombers whose names are printed over the flames above, have opted to eradicate the guest format and stick to the residents. The idea (I imagine) is that it’s a closer approximation of the Low End Theory aesthetic, which evolves every month around a new iteration of what’s good. Of course, what’s good is purely subjective, which is why they survived the great dubstep purge of 2013 without a scratch. If Low End had branded themselves a dubstep club, they’d be deader than Deadmau5’s soul. Yet the demand for bass and beats is immutable. Low End Theory is a permanent experiment, flux in the form of fire and flipped sub-genres.

Over the course of an hour, each resident takes the wheel, with everything from DJ Rashad to Raphael Saadiq, to Flying Lotus and a song called “Is Jesus Your Pal.” There’s also a clip from Her, which I feel less positive about, but it feels somewhat copacetic in the greater struggle between man v. machine voiced by Scarlet Johansson.

MP3: Low End Theory Podcast Episode XXV — All Residents

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