If you were wise enough to sit out SXSW for fear of awakening from uneasy dreams and being transformed into a giant Doritos vending machine, these clips from the Austin Boiler Room should probably suffice. The first above the jump is Mustard’s 45 minute set, which basically amounts to the closest he’ll probably get to a BBC Essentials Mix. It’s a 1.0 Greatest Hits document, where he explains that he went to London to flip “Show Me Love” (twice) and that Mannie Fresh was where he got most of his early ideas. He also plays Luniz, “Gas Pedal,” and Mac Dre’s “Feeling Myself” to make the Bay Area connection explicit. There is 2Pac and YG and Young Thug and his new single, “Vato,” which I wish I could get out of my head, but cannot. At one point Que comes out to do “OG Bobby Johnson,” ostensibly to elicit the comedy of watching 400 white music industry gladhanders getting trappey.

Four Tet’s Boiler Room set is below the jump and it’s as graceful and bespoke as you’d expect.

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