When I profiled Nosaj Thing last year, one of the things that excited him most was the opportunity for his own imprint. Timetable Records is the name and D Tiberio was his first signing — a long-time friend from Montebello who makes music in that ethereal gloaming between weary rave, house, garage, techno, 2-step, and hip-hop. His excellent three-song appetizer, Lie EP  boasted a song called “Raver 5.” It crackled with a faded Burial-like distance, as though you were trying to look at fireworks through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars.

“Jerome” is the first dart from the new record, bathed in black and white camera tint and harsh sodium street light glare. It’s shot at night past second-rate country clubs and laundromats with superannuated arcade games. Squat stucco starter homes in the Holy Land suburbs of peripheral LA. Classic drive-in cars and lung-coughing pick-up trucks. This is the blandlands and Tiberio’s music offers synths and soft snares and a sliced up moaning vocal that mirror the haunted suburban vibe. It’s a song with a sense of longing for someplace else. You can sense this from the video with the buses lurching, cars gliding, old people idling towards the earth, and the tacit idea that the music is the thing to take you away.

More Tiberio below the jump, but you have to pay for the bus pass.

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