lil_boosie2It was inevitable that the man who brought the world ratchet would meet the other man who brought the world ratchet. Boosie meets Mustard and somewhere Mandingo from Lava House is repping Shreveport, the original ratchet city and no one is still listening. If you didn’t know, Boosie and Hurricane Chris have a long history. The Bad Azz Hurricane (Category 7) mixtape that dropped sometime in 08 or 09 was actually quite good, despite being the most poorly mastered/recorded/engineered mixtape in the history of audio fidelity. Bay Bay’s been having a minor resurgence of late, partially fueled by grabbing a Mustard beat and rightfully riding his ratchet birthright. Only problem is that Mustard gave the same beat to Clyde Carson, which is probably only now being worked out by various legal teams. In Mustard’s defense, every one of his beats  is basically the rap version of Blue Steel Vs. Le Tigre. They are all the same look and equally effective.

In other let-me-get-Boosie-on-my-remix news, Hatch jumped on another would-be comeback from the original sad robot, T-Pain. “Up Down” is actually a legitimately amazing song that helps redeems Teddy Pain’s legacy. A lot of people mocked him for being a carnival flash-in-the-pan gimmick, but I once ate a weed brownie and watched a T-Pain show. He brought out a stripping Britney Spears midget and had this weird Circus Circus in Hades motif that was one of the most entertaining spectacles I’ve ever seen. I watched Rome literally crumble before my eyes and it was glorious. But let’s be clear. We’re all here for Boosie Bad Azz and he does not disappoint. He is beating the beats up until they bleed out on Airline Highway. You know that he is back in full effect when he’s back to bragging about sticking things in girls’ bootyholes. Let’s all simultaneously give the man one more “Welcome Home” chant.

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