Will Schube generates, operates, destroys all devils

Naomi Punk’s music is best described with terms reserved for geometry. Their music is angular and oblique—there’s a mathematic quality so rarely heard in “punk” music. And this is what makes Naomi Punk so exciting–the geometric descriptors generally reserved for the classroom begin to crystallize. Their latest single, “Television Man” (from their forthcoming album, out August 5th via Captured Tracks), revolves around a biting guitar line—sharp and aggressive, recalling some of the technical precision prevalent within a lot of math-y rock, without being as alienating as some of the more abrasive stuff (Hella, Tera Melos, etc.). The drums crash in heaps atop the circular bass line, while Travis Coster’s vocal delivery keeps the track on a collision course towards a blissful chaos.

The track’s real punch lies in its ability to teeter on the edge of control—nearly collapsing into disorganization on multiple occasions, but always catching itself before it loses itself entirely. It’s the band’s precision, the seemingly effortless attack with which the music is delivered, that makes “Television Man” such a treat.

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