New Vic Mensa video goes very soft. I highly endorse this. Contrary to popular belief, radio rap’s descent into assembly line simpery over the last few years wasn’t abhorrent because of the sensitivity or innately Velveteen tendencies. It’s just that I found the execution lacking and the creativity often deficient. I will always gravitate to the rugged and raw, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a perfectly conceived, highly melodic, and dance-floor crushing hip-house track. Word to AB Logic.

There’s no denying Vic Mensa’s talent, but his taste has always been mildly suspect. Kids These Days always seemed one step away from acknowledging a clear Gym Class Heroes influence. And Innanetape had some high points, but an equal amount of cringeworthy ones. “Down on My Luck” might be my favorite thing that he’s done. It eschews the indulgence and the vocal tics that he and Chance soaked up after watching endless amounts of Animaniacs. to just create a great pop song.Simple as that (even though nothing is harder). Someone in the comment section said that this might be the “future of hip-hop and I’m alright with that.” That someone has obviously never taken a study abroad trip to London. But this is probably one of the best hip-hop house tracks made since the days when C&C ran their steel factory.

In case you weren’t aware, Disclosure have suddenly become the most Shazamed artist in America. They’re now regularly played on Power 106, where hip-hop lives. Regardless of your feelings on the topic, it’s a lot better than the anvil-to-your skull pseudo-EDM of LMFAO or whatever trance-rap malignancy they’re peddling this week. If dance music is going to merge with hip-hop, this at least has groove, emotion, and melody. He’ll probably be on the next Disclosure record. This is a wide-open lane right now, but Mensa is making moves to run it. Smart kid.

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