Will Schube has two guns — one for each of ya

doseone isn’t tenacious. His musical approach is variable: his flow shifts dozens of times per minute; his cadence—while not totally diverse—rarely settles into a comfortable pocket for an extended period of time; and his beats represent the aesthetic of a hip-hop junkie. doseone raps over beats that often marry 90s crate-digging with early-00s electronica. The only constant within doseone’s music is his almost-quivering rap voice. He switches delivery, speed, and style, but the voice he raps with is distinctly his. This is what makes his feature on a new Pictureplane track, “Party in the Pit”, so unexpected.

doseone doesn’t have the voice for a typical trap beat—his best traits (the aforementioned subtlety) would get lost in the garbage disposal gargle of the generic Chief Keef rip-off. But Pictureplane, one of a few electronic producers I find genuinely exciting, gives dose more than enough room to discover a new voice. dose sounds angry on this track in a way he rarely has before. He has a tendency to flutter over beats, spurning serious uppercuts in favor of precise and consistent jabs. The complete 180 on “Party in the Pit” finds doseone heavily immersed in the beat—more of it, a part of it, than adjacent to it. Pictureplane’s beat is simple but provides serious heft as trance-y synths are pillared by huge drums and dose’s surprisingly menacing chorus of: “The bigger they are/The bigger the fool that I do it”. As with all good collaborations, Pictureplane and doseone function symbiotically—simultaneously highlighting each other’s strengths while hiding or diminishing weaknesses. Together, they have turned dose into a monster.

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