Son Raw is made entirely of vinyl

With the word Grime seemingly getting stamped on every other track made with a squarewave or distorted 808 these days, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the real from the fake and the ready rock from the raw. While that means a whole of lot of corny vapourwave getting lumped in with music that actually pushes the sound forward, it also forces real Grime DJs and producers to up their game and prove their bona fides. Elijah & Skilliam invite legends to their Rinse show, Visionist drops Youtube-enabled history on youngsters, and Kahn and Neek release a 100% vinyl mix full of dubplates, lost classics and rarities for Mixmag.

It’s the kind of selection you can’t compete with if you’ve been in the game for a year, mixed with a flair and energy distinct from the majority of Grime revivalists. As in their production, no sound is wasted here: this is lean and jagged machinery devoid of any fat or flesh, skeletal and mechanical. It’s a sound that’s simple of paper but extremely hard to pull off in practice, and it’s proving to be a viral one, evolving in the hands of Bristol peers Boofy, Lemzly Dale, Oh91, and Hi5Ghost among others.

More affiliated assorted, wax-only dubs after the jump, because Bristol cuts vinyl not corners.


Mp3: Kahn & Neek 100% Vinyl Grime Mix (Via Mixmag)

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