June 24, 2014

Shabazz Palaces 11 (2011)

Zilla Rocca divides cakes to rise the stakes

Collecting cake is dirty business. Make the stakes too high and no one buys in. Make the punishment too soft and no one kicks back bread. You give a jackpot chaser a yard, he takes ten miles. Deadlines must be given, force used as a last resort. You can’t make money off a guy when he’s dead. It’s better to put fear into his heart, hellacious ideas into his head. It’s what you imply that is scary, not what you lay out cleanly. Let his mind fill the blanks, that same mind of his that is scheming on rackets at all hours, an uncontrolled mind always looking for a ball of yarn to spin. Plant a seed of terror into that kind of field and black flowers take root.

Palaceer Lazarro shares his earnings and feeds his cognoscenti. What he implies is wealth, power, and style. Your mind creates the setting for the slickness. On the new single “Cake”, Shabazz Palaces conduct secret meetings in the stratosphere while shouting out Rio, Moscow, Memphis, Watts, and Virginia. Palaceer Lazarro is lost inside a whirlwind while laying in a red coupe — luxury and beauty surround him but do not dull him. He’s the purveyor of fine songs, eating cake before he slices his portions up because tribute money is best shared rather than horded.

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