MarQ-Spekt-Blockhead-Aesop-Rock-Open-Mike-Eagle-Air-Pegasus-Le-CadeauFree flying horse rap for the fuck of it. Marq Spekt and Blockhead offer this cadeau (“gift” in French) as a token of appreciation in the wake of their Justplaywitit, released last week on Hipnott Records. The lineup is burnished with A-List rapping labyrinths, Aesop Rock and Open Mike Eagle.

Over a pillowy psych-jazz sample, Mike Eagle discusses the pros and cons to sleeping in pizza parlors, midnight vultures infiltrating culture clubs, deep yoga love, and bleeding heart liberalism. Marq Spekt keeps it straightforward for a stoned saboteur with booby traps in the catalogue.  Aesop Rock has the Beatles in his pinky, leading winged horses to clean air strips, name-checking swamp things and creeping with a set of goth pot heads. Quite standard procedure, really.

Via EgoTrip

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