Will Schube got something for the honies

For all his oddities, Ariel Pink has settled into a consistently straightforward aesthetic over the course of his last three releases (and, not coincidentally, these are by far the best albums he’s ever made…it’s not even close, really). Bordering the periphery of silky smooth 70s AM radio and psych-pop, Pink approaches various genre signifiers without ever quite settling into any particular mode. Pink’s music seems to be constantly winking, serious in its endeavors yet knowing that something isn’t wholly genuine. This can be fairly disenchanting—as can Pink’s off-putting demeanor and persona—but the bubblegum sunshine bursts too brightly too often to stay away.

“Put Your Number in My Phone,” the first track from his forthcoming pom pom, continues this trend in a no-frills kind of way. The guitar is wispy, weaving in and out of the interlocking drum/bass groove while Pink’s nearly sardonic delivery gives the track an air of silliness that hangs over his recent output. This playfulness is highlighted by a voicemail Pink includes on the track—a message from a girl who’s been slighted by Pink for some unstated reason. He cuts the message short, interrupting with his own “Talk to me/It’s now or never.”

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