October 16, 2014

Torii MacAdams is taking his talents to Dallas. 

Raider Klan should’ve been A$AP Mob. Instead of a figurehead whose most notable beef is with a fashion house, Raider Klan was gifted/cursed with an enigmatic leader who tweets about excluding his girlfriend from threesomes and Black Israelites. Spaceghostpurrp’s eccentricity (or, perhaps, plain egomania and insanity) caused the group to splinter; Denzel Curry released the excellent Nostalgic 64, absent SGP beats or verses, shortly after his departure from the group. Curry recently announced the debut of his own imprint, C9, and the label’s first single, “Darius” by Miami-based newcomer SdotBraddy.

“Darius,” featuring Curry, is a cinematic tale of a drug deal gone awry, based on Braddy’s cousin’s arrest, who’s facing the prospect of 25 years to life imprisonment. Braddy is a rapper in the same venom-spitting mold as Curry, a bristling exclamation point in an era of too calm crossover radio hit seekers. “Darius,” at six minutes, is an audacious introduction for SdotBraddy; the song features a beat change, a “Knuck If You Buck” interlude, and the threatening chimes and hi-hats familiar to fans of Nostalgic 64. Curry is presently Miami’s finest rap export, but Braddy is, promisingly, nearly Curry’s equal on “Darius” with lines like, “This life is kill or be killed/ When you’re still they’ll steal with a steel/ So when attackin’ be packin’ that shit that’s strappin’/ or niggas will have you dead, no witnesses know what happened.” Lebron may be at home in Akron, but Miami doesn’t lack for Heat with the imminent release of albums from SdotBraddy and Denzel Curry.

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