Son Raw’s smoking on hybrid

When we last checked in with Murlo, he had just dropped a production mix full of  unreleased music, so it’s only right that some of those dubs are beginning to see the light of day. His upcoming Into Mist EP comes courtesy of Rinse Recordings, a shrewd move by the London radio station’s imprint. While some of the new wave, Boxed affiliated music can get defiantly weird, Murlo’s tunes always come complete with bubble gum sweet melodies and bright tonalities, making them the perfect gateway drug for listeners keen to dive into non-4X4 sounds.

The dance floor doesn’t lie: I can drop his tunes halfway across the world and girls rush the floor, not always the case when dealing with experimental sounds. He’s also got a keen visual aesthetic, as proved by the DIY video above. There’s always been a weird uncanny valley effect to Murlo’s music where South and East Asian tonalities and instruments collide to create world music from a country that doesn’t really exist, so throwing low-res, late 90s era digital Greek statues into the mix only heightens the virtually implied in the music. Into Mist is out November 3rd and is a must-listen release for anyone who likes a little sour in their trancehall sweetness.

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