November 19, 2014
Chris Daly
From Sia to BANKS to FKA Twigs, there’s been a growing pool of talent in 2014, whether your tastes run more towards the pop territory staked out by the former Zero 7 front woman or the Bjork-like oddity of the artist currently known as “Formerly Known As,” it’s time to add another name to the list of talented chanteuses tearing things up right now.  That name is Yaarohs.

For those of you who can’t quite place the name, the Los Angelean-by-way-of-New-York was the vocal powerhouse behind The Glitch Mob’s hit, “Fly By Night Only,” from their Love Death Immortality album that dropped earlier this year.  A fan favorite, the track has been downloaded or viewed by some three million-plus folks already.  What largely sets Yaa apart from the competition are her vocal chops.

Sure, on her debut, Flesh & Blood, there’s plenty of production chicanery, from overdubbed vocals to echo effects, but tracks like “Atlas” and “Wrestle” show a depth many of her counterparts simply cannot reproduce without a digital technician behind the boards.  She has the good sense to compliment her vocal delivery with plaintive beats, stark as Sansa and subdued as a Cro-Magnon frat boy.  While this isn’t trip hop, it isn’t too far removed from it, either.  Yaarohs is a less over-the-top Bjork (though the cover art might argue the opposite), a less flamboyant BANKS.  There are echoes of Enya here, as well.  Stand-out single, “Amber,” proves the point nicely, languid yet powerful, a bit more juice in the tank than is found elsewhere on this promising first from a name that’s bound to stick in your mind.  Just don’t confuse her with the similarly sounding Toyota model.  You’ll almost assuredly get more mileage out of the singer.

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