November 20, 2014

BRACKLES X FOX (Zeyd Ayoob Photograhpy)Son Raw if from the North, just not the same North.

Club nights come record labels are easy to love, because everyone’s thrown a party and wished it could grow into something more. Most events result in little more than hangovers and serotonin deficiencies though, so when a night does make the leap from dance to disk, it has to come correct. Manchester’s Swing Ting haven’t tied itself down to a particular genre of music or sought international attention but they have, by all accounts, thrown some wicked events combining dubwise Bass and the North’s longtime love of uptempo dance music – all elements that get my seal of approval. Meanwhile Fox, the crew’s MC, has been ripping tracks for a hot second, flipping a UK-Caribbean flow without sounding like he wants to rip a man’s head from his neck like most practitioners of the style. Masterplan with My Nu Leng has already set worldwide dance floors on fire – word to Reconstrvct – and label debut Skank is easily as strong.

Produced by Swingting veteran Brackles, the track combines funky house swagger with minor key edginess, keeping things dark enough for the heads without scaring novices. It’s Bass music – not Grime, Dubstep or House – in the sense that it’s more concerned about moving asses than genre politics, a vibe matched by the rest of the single that’s just as diverse tempo and vibe wise. In short, it’s got kind of healthy musical outlook that makes for a good party and by the looks of it, the foundation for a good label.


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