Will Hagle might watch himself, or get beside himself

The only way to hear Mystikal’s new single is via audio rip from BBC1. Except it’s not Mystikal’s new single. It’s Mark Ronson’s. Except it’s not Mark Ronson’s new single, because the new Bruno Mars single is the new Mark Ronson single. This is an album cut, from the forthcoming Uptown Special.

Forgive my Americanness, but I was previously unfamiliar with MistaJam. I certainly didn’t think he’d be the one to bring the “worldwide galaxy exclusive world premiere” of new Mystikal. I definitely had no idea Mark Ronson had an album coming out or that Mystikal’d be on a song or that the only available audio rip would have the beat start over as the DJ says “Mystikal. Again, Come on! When it sounds this nice, we play it twice” before frustratingly cutting off, but despite my American ignorance “Feel Right” has been one of the first songs I’ve enjoyed on a pure level in what seems like a long time. The only other thing I’ve listened to in the past few days besides podcasts is Les Sins. Maybe I am more British than I thought.

Every once in a while an otherwise just ok song like this gets added to my rotation of personal classics. It’s usually by someone like Busta Rhymes, Twista or E-40, and usually only because the song is a reminder of how they’re capable of rapping in ways no other human could possibly replicate. It’s the same with any rapper with a unique voice or style that puts out unlistenable amounts of material, most of it in double-time, with only a few true hits. We already know what they can do, but when they do it right, there’s no one else on their level.

We already know what Mystikal can do, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. He puts out less music than the aforementioned great vocal stylists, but it only takes one opportunity like this for him to reassure everyone that he’s still in top form. It’s like his flow is getting its annual physical on “Feel Right,” and everything’s checking out. He takes an intermission to wipe his sweat, but it’s really only there to let you catch your breath.

Mystikal yelling that he feels right over Ronson funk production is the most convincing Mystikal’s sounded in a while. It’s strange that this is the way it has to be heard, but luckily when the BBC1 audio rip sounds this nice you can press play twice. Or put on Les Sins. All anyone really needs to listen to anymore besides podcasts is “Bother” and “Feel Right.”  Because “Don’t bother me, I’m working” and “I feel good in this motherfucker!” are both mantras to live by, depending on the time of day.


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