The song is called “Good Samaritan,” but the impulse is to beat, rob, and bloody the track until it’s twitching half-dead in the road. The Wayniac links up with Alchemist, with assists from Ras G and Samiyam at the Santa Monica laboratory, that industrial furnace contributing to the demise of the ozone layer, one exhaled blunt and dispatched heater at a time.

There are images of 72 virgins twerking, Kermit sipping tea, wild gooses, and Lucifer being dragged down the well. The beat has the bell-ringing bong bong bong thing that Wu got rid of in exchange for orchestral frippery. This is for those who complain that boom-bap was better, but conveniently ignore the fact that there are those taking the same elements and executing everything in the next century. If you dislike it, there is a glass of steaming Lipton that you can let simmer on your skull.

If you didn’t know, Jonwayne is headlining a show that we’re throwing on Dec. 18 at the Echo. Other performers are Chester Watson and Russ.

The flyer is below, art from the Pharaoh.echo (1)



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