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Son Raw is also very high

Protip: if you want to peak my curiosity, you could do far worse than describing yourself as ‘Wutang, meets Happy Mondays in the 21st Century’ while bragging about handing melons out a stretch hummer during your press engagements. As a longstanding fan of both Bez and the ODB, I know the score. Plus, once you prove that’s an apt description for your music, then you’ve got my full attention.

Manchester’s Levelz collective may not be rhyming about Pills n Thrills and Bellyaches (yet) but their debut single LVL 07 has all the fire and vigour missing from the Clan’s last album. Made up of half of Manchester by the looks of things, they’ve certainly got the strength in numbers part down, rolling 20+ deep. Also on display: bars and personality. T-Man, Sparkz and Skittles kick it off with high speed rhyming but next thing you know, Truthos Mufasa (what?) is hanging out the whip in a red wig and Kimono, Swing Ting’s Fox is flowing yard and D&B/Dubstep legend Chimpo is in a pillow fight with the lady from Shameless while yelling out “Go Go Inspector Ratchet.” You know, standard rap video shit.

LVL 07 is due December 22nd and by the looks of things, their debut mixtape due early next year is set to cover Grime, Rap, Jungle and everything in between.

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