Will Schube is like Missy on the chorus — tight

The latest single from Moon Duo conjures up a menacing figure. Whether that figure is man or beast isn’t as relevant as the smooth terror it creates. “Animal” is a psychedelic trip to the graveyard after the gates have been closed. The track’s brevity, along with its unrelenting pace, leaves little to the imagination.

“Animal” is accompanied by a silly video starring Richie Jackson who uses car bumpers and keyboards as skateboards, traversing across an unspecified urban landscape with the swagger of a zombie let loose. Kyle Mooney makes a brief appearance, solidifying the video’s defiance of the song’s tone and aesthetic. The video is goofy, and somewhere in between lies the perplexing mood of Moon Duo’s psychedelia. The group (now a threesome—they have a full-time drummer) isn’t particularly easy to pin down, but the ominous nature surrounding their persona is part of the charm.


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