Harold Stallworth has never been nominated for a Grammy.

On Valentine’s Eve, while you were making last-minute dinner reservations and scouring Fandango for tickets to 50 Shades of Grey, Project Pat released a video for “Flexington,” his unapologetic ode to soiling your significant other. He reads the riot act to mannerly squares on behalf of dirty macks everywhere. The record was originally featured on Cheez-N-Dope 3, Pat’s solo mixtape from this past December, which got lost in the clamor of year-end list discussions. The production—made of soul samples chopped to a slaw texture and heaped over trunk-rattling 808s—meets roughly halfway between Okayplayer and Traps-N-Trunks. Pat is in rare form here, referring to his multitude of Cuban link chains as Johnny Gold and then somehow, miraculously, rhyming the words “business” and “winning” in effortless fashion. His only misstep here was squandering a prime opportunity to coin the moniker “Flexington Steele.”

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