Never Grow Up: Pete Rock “One, Two, A Few More”

The Legend is back for BBQ season
By    April 7, 2015

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2015 quickly is shaping up to be the Year of the Living Old Heads, and that’s just fine by me. With De La Soul’s Kickstarter project destroying its goals in roughly a day, the hinted promise of the next Run the Jewels installment and Juicy J doing whatever he damn well pleases, the graduating class of Old Skool University clearly is back to show the young ‘uns how it’s supposed to be done. Add to that list one Pete Rock, the man Jay Dee once infamously told, “I wanted to be like you.” The legendary Bronx producer is getting ready to drop “Petestrumentals 2” with Mello Music Group this coming June 23rd, the sequel to his 2001 masterpiece.

As is de riguer these days, when such an announcement is made, there’s bound to be a track to accompany, and Rock’s camp follows suit with “One, Two, A Few More,” a banger actually created back in 1995. True to form, PR gives us a laid back groove replete with funky bass, deep conga percussion and precision guitars. The tweaked vocals add the touch of soulful audio gold listeners have come to expect from one of the architects of the 90s East Coast hip-hop sound. This one seems tailor made for backyard BBQs and shenanigans. Can the return of Fila track suits, dookie rope chains and high top fades be far behind?

Our number four producer of all time

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