Gabe Nandez vs. The Panda in… “Sifu”

Introducing Montreal Fur Trap Rap.
By    April 28, 2015

Even in French Canada, the Gallic influence is unmistakable. Something abstract is going to seep in. Hence, Gabe Nandez, New Rochelle-raised, Quebec-based, opens his latest dart with the hugs offered from a Giant Panda. It may be Pablo Sandoval entering the rap game or it may just be leftover French New Wave sentiment. We might never know. There’s something solemn about the proceedings. The falling snow. The forlorn shots of the cross. The opening music that sounds like a horror score before the stabbing.

Then the rolling through the winter city shot, East Flatbush Project style strings setting the ominous mood. Nandez kicking the baritone mumble rap that almost sounds like Shyne without the lisp. The pace quickens to double time, the Panda stays crestfallen in the snow. The cumulative effect is strange and eerie. The hook inverts the Kendrick “slavemaster” line that Igloo Australia stole and ethered herself with. The Panda wears a “No Kliche” sticker on its nose. That’s the guiding light and clique name.  This is boom-bap re-baptized. Nothing fancy, just slick slapshots in the northern country. Rawness for the sake of rap. Angry skating on tracks.

Nandez made himself known last year on Chester Watson’s Tin Wooki. Ever since, he’s been ascending and offering penance for Canadian schmuckery. You’ll inevitably hear more sooner than later, unless the Panda kills him first.

(Premiere via Nah Right)

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