Dam-Funk’s Free STFU EP

Modern Funk at its finest.
By    June 2, 2015


Dam-Funk, true hero of modernity, eternal protector of striped tabby cats and the indelible torch of funk music, gives the people a free EP in time for the dawn of summer. This is the season when music writers utter banal cliches and lists about “Songs of Summer,” or start enumerating the types of things that this music should accompany. There is something timeless to our predictability, because every year our memories simultaneously start fresh and can’t escape the traditions of the past. And who would want to duck cookouts, ice cream, swimming, and riding slowly in your car letting the bass terrify the elderly.

If funk is the most estival music than Dam-Funk is what you need this year. The advice in the title says it all, “STFU.” No vocals, just chromatic instrumentals, colorful as a rainbow, rough as a foreclosure. Funk music that will simmer until the street lights go on, and then burst into a phosphorescent glow. As the Pasadena native would advise: take care and glide.

ZIP: Dam-Funk – STFU (Left-Click)

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