Living Civil: Kone’s “Dig Two Graves”

For that special Civil War re-enactor in your life.
By    June 3, 2015

Will Schube is down with that LARP

If Yellowstone supplies half the joy Yellowstone does, I’ll be thrilled. Fuck Disneyland, the Wyoming treasure is the real happiest place on Earth. Forgive the roundabout way of introducing Kone’s new album, Yellowstone. The East LA resident’s been at it for a second. Alpha Pup certified in 2011 before moving on to his own New Los Angeles Records last year. Yellowstone came out yesterday and the video for “Dig Two Graves” is here to help celebrate. Pure psych sludge and avant-crush drums, “Graves” is an ode to an era not yet witnessed. Off­-kilter without being disorienting, Kone makes five minutes feel all too short, especially as the drums wildly hit double time and the music gets muted.

The video is all conquest and destruction, exploration and implied violence. The setting: a Civil War re­enactment camp just before battle. Generals are scribbling in journals, Cruella De Vil lookalikes are dressed in all black, and bearded dudes are rolling cigarettes. The video is silent as no images dare compete with the beats Kone’s conjuring. “Dig Two Graves” gets the boys ready for battle, but not even the dustiest slice of psychedelia can save the troops. Luckily the undead can wind it back and play it again.

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