Imperial Bristles: Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers Connect with Open Mike Eagle for “Human Dominos” (Video)

Witness the conquered land of the Bourbon General's.
By    June 23, 2015

Chris Daly never had Baked Alaskan. 

A wiser and presumably more hirsute man than I once said, “A man can and should be judged by his facial hair.” Whether it was a gentle Lama, Sun-Tzu’s son-in-law or that weird guy I met on the El is irrelevant. The point remains, it’s a hard truth, one best exemplified by Zilla Rocca. In the video for “Human Dominos,” the biblically bearded frontman for Philly’s Shadowboxers joins forces with the eloquent Open Mike Eagle and menacing Curly Castro to go far past the extremes of a few days’ worth of stubble.

Directed by Bob Sweeny and shot predominantly in black and white and various shades of blue, Zilla and Castro take the viewer on a literal tour of their PA haunts. Smoke fills nearly scene in the first video for the deluxe edition of the group’s No Vacation for Murder, which happens to sport five new tracks. OME provides a killer opening hook (make sure to get yourself a program; can’t differentiate your Mikes without it) and CC milks a vape pen for all it’s worth while Zilla keeps it bushy. Required viewing for those who know what jawns are.

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