Poisonous Darts: Danny Brown’s “Worth It”

You gotta learn to live with regrets.
By    August 3, 2015


Danny Brown uses his songs as a psychiatrist couch, a constant struggle to live with regrets. Party music laced with post traumatic stress disorder. Anthems devoted to temporary pain relievers and nights that you only remember when you check the credit card statements.”Worth It’ is no different, an Adult Swim single that operates as Old writ small — a song that starts as an up-tempo party rap and eventually crumbles into a series of questions.

Clams Casino somehow breaths new life into the tired “Nautilus” flip, muffling old vocals to create a faded tape-warped effect. Half-recalled bars boomeranging back around as though nothing ever changes.  The drums are almost boom-bap but off-beat and scattered. There’s a break in the middle in lieu of a scream, as though the speakers are blown out from too much stress. Afterwards, machete and needle talk. A consideration of all the poisons that have permanently seeped into your DNA. Rap in the old Hybrid style, staring out the window in school, dreaming of the studio. Is It Really Worth It? Probably. The alternative is much worse. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy either.

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