In the Mix: Bonobo on London’s NTS Radio

Stream the latest Bonobo mix from London's NTS Radio
By    August 6, 2015


Chris Daly’s┬áleast favorite bonobo is pleated

There are two Bonobos you need to know. Well, maybe three if you’re into apes, but let’s stay on target here. First, we have Bonobo the Musician/Composer, responsible for such masterful works as the down tempo classic, Black Sands, complete with lush, live orchestration and vocalists, to more left field beat-oriented pieces like Dial “M” for Monkey and Animal Magic. And then there’s Bonobo the DJ who spins so nice you want to hear it twice, proving that you can take the man out of the booth, but not the booth out of the man. (We could have an entire, different conversation about the politeness of sticking booths in people and what kinds of people get off on those kinds of things, but what did I say about focus here, people?) The multi-talented Brit also known as Simon Green spends an incessant amount of time touring under both guises, to the extent it’s questionable if the man has slept in the last decade or so. Hell, it seems like he’s been to D.C. more than I have recently, and I live in NoVa.

In the unfortunate event that the pygmy chimp has not visited your locale with a full band, well, you probably should consider moving or at least visiting more places with larger music venues. C’mon, what are you doing with your life anyway? If you’ve never seen/heard Brother Green spin, well, today at least, we have you covered.

Bonobo recently did a two-hour, one-off set on London’s very own NTS Radio. He never kicks the BPM too high, and the groove stays mellow pretty much throughout. Don’t think this is sleepytime music, though, as there’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on over here. Keeping it like heads do, no playlist required or provided, though Bonobo does chime in from time to time to let you know who just blew your mind. For discussion purposes, he kicks it off with Thundercat and goes ever spacewards from there.


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