Picture That With a Kodak: Kodak Black’s “Skrilla” Video and “Straight Out of Juve” Mini-Doc

The Best Young Rapper in the South.
By    August 17, 2015

Kodak Black, boy king, heir to the Youngest of Da Camp throne, still thugging and bringing skrilla back into vogue for the first time since the High School High soundtrack. As you can see from the crowd reaction at the Kodak show, “Skrilla” was the sure shot single from Heart of the Projects. And there’s something even more menacing about the low budget amateurishness of its video. These aren’t paid extras and these aren’t fake guns and there are only a few Franklins to go around. To say nothing of the home gym with a single pair of 25 lb. weights on the bench press. All the lifting can’t stop you from heaters the size of young Schwarzenegger.

They’re talking on flip phones that are probably burners. The hunger seems even more savage. This is not a test. Yamaha dirt bikes in effect to offer that vintage late 90s Ruff Ryders and Cash Money budget excess (including a shout out to the ‘Nolia). But the rawness and homemade quality of the music reminds you of the Concentration Camp and early Trill (down to him calling molly, “jiggas.”)

The details only enhance the effect.  Kodak has the bounce, menace, and pain that makes you unable to avert your eyes and ears. It hits so squarely because there is the sense that it could all go away tomorrow. It’s immediate and fun and hard. You don’t need much more.

In addition to the “Skrilla” video, Kodak also just dropped “Straight Out of Juve,” a 10-minute mini-documentary chronicling everything from tender moments with his mom, live shows, and radio interviews. Sundance awaits.

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