Here, My Dear: Jonwayne Drops a Pair of Instrumental Beat Tapes

The return of the Wayniac
By    November 12, 2015


Chris Daly is a Jedi. 

When you think Jonwayne, it’s understandable that you go either devilishly be-sandaled rapper from La Habra or take a wrong turn towards a one-eyed Rooster Cogburn. Assuming you’re here for the tunes and not a Turner Classic Movies review, let us not forget that the Cali spitter was known first for his beat prowess. JW shows us that he hasn’t lost a step since he dropped the all-instrumental Bowser back in ’11 with the multi-part “Here You Go.”

Strictly beat albums are a curious thing. These typically are tracks that cry out to be rapped over, and listening to multiple songs in a row quickly can become a bore if the producer isn’t up to snuff. Fortunately, Jonwayne demonstrates a wide enough palette to sidestep that pitfall entirely. “Here You Go” shows equal parts hero worship to J. Dilla and early Kanye with enough of his own imprint to make the two disc effort worth your time. “Middle Man” and “And We Would Say” could easily be “Donuts” outtakes, and the chipmunk affectation is in full effect on songs like, “Stalker” and “Trying Breath.” “Lil B Rap on this” and “Rap on This Kanye” speak for themselves in regards to JDub’s intentions, but it’s the more “out there” tracks that take this from a completionist’s dream to a viable, stand-alone project. The shuffling, chain gang blues evident in “Gold and Silver,” the perfectly plucked guitar strings and horns on “Bond.” These are testaments to a man with deep crates and an immaculate ear. In response to the title, thanks, Jonwayne. I’ll gladly take this.

ZIP: Jonwayne – Here You Go Pt. 1

ZIP: Jonwayne – Here You Go Pt. 2

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