PREMIERE: Astronautica – *69

Chris Daly breaks down the POTW premier from Alpha Pup artist Astronautica's sophomore full length.
By    December 9, 2015


Chris Daly loves to Netflix and chill, but don’t call it Netflix and chill. 

On Gemini, Astronautica’s sophomore album for Alpha Pup, the Los Angelean beat producer also known as Edrina K. Martinez creates a syrup drenched soundtrack for your nocturnal transmissions to the moon. Like her peers Teebs, Shlohmo, and Nosaj Thing, Astronautica creates lush, aural soundscapes that breathe on their own as opposed to chasing whatever the latest fad might happen to be. This is dream maker music, not follow the leader second hand funk. Over the course of 12 tracks, Ms. Martinez demonstrates her chops both behind the boards and on the strings, brilliantly melding her production skills with her self-taught guitar capabilities, occasionally dropping in just enough of her dreamy vocals to keep the mood consistent.

Astronautica’s music tends to be more accessible than her contemporaries, and this shines through on Gemini. Whether it’s the hazy bliss of opener “*69” or the infectious groove of “Palm Springs,” Astronautica succeeds in splitting the difference between the heady and the lower ends responsible for the shaking of the posterior. Her music seems more joyous and less introspective than that of her label mates, while still delivering the same emotional heft. “Falling For You” and “Silver” could find a home in mixtapes for either your long walks to contemplate the meaning of the Force or snuggle bunny time with your significant other. If you’re looking to discuss the Force during late night hours, give me a call. I’ve got the perfect soundtrack already.

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