Lajan Slim Cooking Up Curry

Straight out of South Florida, the hardest rap video of the summer.
By    August 10, 2016

Lajan Slim dancing and dabbing on the devil, looking like a young Shabba Ranks, iced out with stacks of hundreds, and draped in the Haitian flag. Don’t tell him he’s not getting money or cooking the best curry. The moment that he and Kodak Black get on a song together will be a holiday from LA to Broward County to Port-Au-Prince.

Between Denzel Curry & Yung Simmie, Kodak and Lajan Slim, South Florida is having its most time in the sun since Rick Ross’ jumped off a bridge onto a jetski in the “Speedin’ video.  Slim is somewhere between dancehall, Migos, and “Shine” era Wayne, and a bit of the sauce of the Sauce Twinz. The sinister piano lines from Rob Zoe feels like someone’s about to creep out on you with a machete, while Slim says the “chopper singing like a flute.” Assume he’s secretly signed because UMG has quietly tried to scrub all the “Haitian” videos from online. Can’t blame them. This is the hardest rap song I’ve heard in months.


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