On Gerry Read’s “Wipe Out”

Chris Daly takes a look at "Wipe Out," the latest track from Gerry Read's forthcoming Chubby Cheeks.
By    September 7, 2016

g read

Chris Daly never cries when Bambi’s mom dies.

Up until now, you could be forgiven for thinking the master of the vocal snippet Inclusion was Pogo, and nobody would have thought any less of you. Let’s be honest, though. As funky as “Upular” or “Expialidocious” might be (and they are), the heavy reliance on Disney and Pixar movies for source material was always going to be problematic in hardcore circles.

Sure, it’s great for dorm room parties with your whiter friends, but it seems a lot less likely to receive heavy rotations outside of the your nerdier backpack set (of which I consider myself a card carrying member). Gerry Read has stepped up to show us all that there’s something else. Not to be confused with the Snowman, the 25-year-old beat maker from London by way of Suffolk has traded out Mary Poppins for a rogue’s gallery of pimps and ho’s on his upcoming album, Chubby Cheeks, to be released September 9th on Nosaj Thing’s Timetable label.

With dialogue interspersed between some outer space synthesizers, Read starts with the Joe Blow scene from “Dolemite” before letting you know he ain’t no pimp, he’s a motherfuckin’ hustler. After a dance floor workout, the track turns on a dime at the 3:30 mark, morphing into a jazz percussion freakout in the background and cop killer lyrics in the fore. Walt Disney might not approve, but I most certainly do.

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