Will Schube is riding around shining.

Each of the three tracks already released from Devonwho’s forthcoming Luz have been equally excellent in totally unique ways. “Cruisecontrol” is a G-Funk indebted banger featuring Zackey Force Funk and I, CED. The snare pops and the synths scream for a blunt and a 40. Zackey’s vocals are creepy, slithering around the track looking for any particular pocket to rest in. Luz‘s first single, “Anti-Ragequit,” is a slower, more contemplative affair, a track that sounds like Devonwho discovered the G-Funk preset on his laptop and decided to screw around for a while. The results are assured yet playful. Less a song than a transitional mood piece, the sort of track that works well standing alone but even better over the course of an entire record.

The latest single, “Andthentherewas” is perhaps the best yet. The track is a meditation, Devon Fox’s ode to a fallen friend. The synths glimmer in their reach for the cosmos, and the song really earns its feel when the keyboard lines get chopped up to a half-time feel, giving the entire affair the sort of late night vibe perfect for riding around with. Devonwho’s Luz is out on November 11th via Leaving Records, another stellar release from a label that delivers nothing but. Luz is G-Funk for the common man, beat music for the delicate soul.

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