January 30, 2017

TYE, the rapper with the best song from Dallas in 2016, kicks off the video for his latest “Kokaine,” with a scenario that splits the difference between Pulp Fiction’s Zed scene and that “where’s the coke” skit on Ironman. Strong bonafides already. Then he sings a weird warped drug ballad to cocaine while dancing on a table in a Cowboys hoodie shouting out Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman.

Fun fact, a long-lost friend of mine once told me that he met Michael Irvin at a club and Irvin insisted on going back to said friend’s Beverly Hills house with two girls and doing coke until six in the morning. This was allegedly well after he’d been out of rehab, and my friend had never seen anything like it. Michael Irvin remains a savage always and forever and while it’s a bit premature to say that TYE could’ve been the extra target that Dak Prescott needed to beat the Packers, we can’t say that he wouldn’t have been.

If this song was by a lesser artist, you could brand it just another derivative auto-tune white girl=coke anthem, but Tye’s innate charisma, melodic sensibilities, and sly sense of humor make it singular. For the first 30 seconds, you’re debating whether to turn it off. By the time it’s over, you want to watch it again and can’t get the chorus out of your head. It is a hell of a drug.

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