January 30, 2017

Chris Daly bought that used Kenny Loggins record in Half Baked. 

Say what you will about heavily coked up white guys in white suits and neon shirts, but, goddamn it, I miss yacht rock and ’70s AM soul/R&B. Fortunately, we have a new wave of cats with a “fuck genres, I make music, motherfucker” mentality that allows listeners such as myself to take care of old itches with brand new back scratchers.

Everyone’s favorite ’80s cartoon monikered bassist, Thundercat, has gone all Marvel Team-Up with BOTH Kenny Loggins—bane of gophers—and Michael “Yeah, I”ll Play In Your Band” McDonald to drop the first single for his upcoming Drunk album, due Feb. 24 on Brainfeeder.

“Show You The Way” sounds closer to The Golden Age of Apocolypse, seemingly more lighthearted than some of his more recent fare. Think somewhere between “Walkin'” and “Fleer Ultra,” with the added benefit of vocals by some of the ’70s/’80s finest singers. Sure, the background picture—which I’m guessing is the album cover—is nearly but not quite as disturbing as a sexual predator reality trash TV star becoming leader of the free world, but we all could use a bit of brown and blue eyed soulfulness to get things back on track, so let’s let that slide in service of being shown the way.

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