February 15, 2017

Will Schube is more of a Tax Day man.

Over warped keyboards, Thundercat sounds like the modern day Biz Markie. “I’m your biggest fan, I guess that’s not enough.” The broken hearted and lonely can find solace in the cruelest of days, as Stephen Bruner is on your side. “Friend Zone,” a Mono/Poly production, is the second single from Drunk, Thundercat’s forthcoming 23 track opus. The Valentine’s Day drop is a warning to all: hopefully you didn’t spend February 14th in the friend zone.

Thundercat has always balanced humor with musical virtuosity. There’s always a giggle in the serious and a life lesson to glean from the silly. The precise and tongue-in-cheek “Friend Zone” is no different. The instrumental flexes with funk prowess, while Bruner sings, “The next time you call me/I’m gonna stand and stare at the screen/Waiting for the call to end.” Later: “You stuck me in the friend zone/That’s that bullshit.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. But Thundercat saves the hammer for the chorus’ end. He sings, “You can come or you can go/Because I’d rather play Mortal Kombat anyway.” Cupid may use the bow and arrow but Thundercat has always been more of a Thor fan, anyways.

Valentine’s Day is now over and we can all go back to our worst tendencies. Dirty dishes, take out, laundry everywhere. But for those in the friend zone? I feel for ya. That doesn’t go away. It’s quicksand, sucking you down deeper and deeper. But every potential revolution needs an anthem, and Thundercat is here to galvanize yours.

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